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World of Work Report 2009: The Global Jobs Crisis / International Labor Office
International Labour Office, 1 November 2009.
180 p.
Paperback ISBN 9789290149088

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The recent rebound in world output and stock markets should not mask the fact that the crisis which erupted in October 2008 is not over. Unless adequate measures are adopted, unemployment will continue to grow, many workers and small entrepreneurs will suffer a permanent cut in their incomes, and inequalities will widen further. And little has been cone so far to address the root causes of the crisis.

* Based on current trends, when will the jobs crisis come to an end? How can policies support a faster, broader-based recovery?
* Can the world economy afford a return to business-as-usual? How has the financial system weakened the sustainability of the real economy and what has been done so far to change the excessive and inefficient financial practices that lie behind the crisis?
* How to make globalization fairer? To what extent do international trade agreements take into account social concerns?
* How to make the fight against climate change an opportunity for overcoming the jobs crisis?

This report warms against the risk of complacency. It calls for faster implementation of the Global Jobs Pact recently adopted by the ILO so as to support recovery and make the world economy more sustainable and fairer.

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