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Africa South of Sahara. 2nd
Guilford Publications, 24 June 2004
490 p. Illustrations, maps.
Paperback ISBN 9781572308688

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Part 1: Introduction. Africa in the New Millennium. Part 2: Overview. The Map of Africa. Imagining Africa: Roots of Western Perceptions of the Continent. Culture and Society. Part 3: The Physical Environment. Geology and Geomorphology of Africa. Africa's Climate: Regions, Dynamics, and Change. Biogeography and Ecology. Part 4: Africa in Historical Perspective. The African Past. The Colonial Legacy. Independent Africa: The Struggle Continues. Part 5: Dynamics of Population. Population Distribution. Population Growth. Population Mobility. Part 6: Rural Economies. Indigenous Food Production Systems. Agrarian Development and Change. Food Security. Part 7: Urban Economies and Societies. The Evolution of Urban Structure. Urban Economies. Housing Africa's Urban Population. Part 8: Social Geography. African Women and Development. Children in Africa: Prospects for the Next Generation. Social Policy: The Health Sector. Part 9: Resources. Mineral Resources. Water Resources. Flora and Fauna as Economic Resources. Part 10: African Economies. Africa in the World Economy. National Economies: Strategies for Growth and Development. Civil Society and Local Self-Reliance in Development. Part 11: Political Geography: Regional Case Studies. Nigeria: The Politics of Accommodating Diversity. South Africa in the Postapartheid Era. Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda: Prospects for Integration. Part 12: Conclusion. Which Future?

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