The famous ‘Waterman Plan’ now in print!

Waterman, Ronald E.
Integrated Coastal Policy via Building with Nature :
Sustainable Coastal Zone Development

Delft, 2008
500 pages. Ill. P.T.A. Liesting
ISBN 9789080522237
ENGLISH TEXT - Hardback, with DVD-ROM: € 120,00 exc. 6% VAT and postage

From 1 November 2008, we at INDEX Books are proud to be appointed worldwide distributors of both the Dutch and English language editions of what has become known as the Waterman Plan. These books represent the life's work of the acclaimed Ir. Ronald Waterman - yes, that is his real name.

The Plan was recently endorsed by the Dutch Delta Commission, which was set up to investigate future directions of the famous Dutch coastal defence system.
Waterman's vision has now been universally embraced by experts and the body politic alike, as THE way to sustainably combine protection against rising sea and river levels, land acquisition, nature development, economic uses, recreation and generating energy.

This publication is the fruit of an expertise gained during a lifetime. Ronald Waterman was awarded many prizes and is an advisor on water management to numerous international organisations. He is a guest lecturer at a large number of universities and polytechnics. He is also an active and esteemed politician, which lends real impact to his vision.

Dutch Edition:
ISBN 9789080522220: Naar een Integraal Kustbeleid via Bouwen met de Natuur + DVD-ROM / Waterman, R.E.; ill. Liesting, P.T.A. - Delft, 2008

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