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H.E.A. Baron
Working with Cordys. 2nd edition
Putten : Cordys Company, 2007.
230 pages. ISBN 978-90-812315-1-0: Spiral bound: EUR 39.90

During the 1980s and 1990s, many companies invested heavily in their internal information systems. Initially, this was mainly for secondary procedures such as bookkeeping and text processing but later, packages were added for the primary operational procedures such as ERP, CRM and PLM. Experience gained over the past few years has taught us that it is difficult to integrate these applications. Furthermore, the market and the value chain are becoming increasingly dynamic, requiring your enterprise to adjust rapidly.

Communication and collaboration between companies and their business partners has become more intense and immediate, and subcontracting is beginning to play a greater role. Consequently, operational procedures need to be readily adjustable. Cordys provides an industry-leading SOA- based BPMS (Business Process Modeling Suite) that enables you to design and continually optimize your business processes, with business and IT in perfect alignment. Cordys BPMS allows you to take control of IT complexity and achieve your key business objectives.

Second Edition
The first edition (2004) of this book was developed in collaboration with the "Noordelijke Hogeschool" in Leeuwarden. The second edition has been revised by Cordys alone and is now available. It has been checked and updated in accordance with the software of Cordys 4.2 C2 in combination with patch C2.004. Although there might be some minor UI differences you can use this book with any version of Cordys 4.2 C2. As the Cordys software has also adopted the XForm standard for developing web applications, building an HTML web application in chapter 5 has been replaced with developing XForm web applications.

This book may be used both for self-study and in higher education. Step-by-step, you will acquire knowledge of Value Chain Modeling, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and all modern Web Service Concepts and related standards such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, BPMN and BPML.

1. Case Description
2. Using Cordys BCP
3. Business Process Modeling
4. Orchestration
5. Integration
6. Portal (Business Intelligence)
7. Final Assignment
8. Glossary
9. Source list
10. Appendices
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