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Welcome student!

In three simple steps, you can order all of your textbooks for institutions with whom we cooperate:
  1. Select your term, institution, course and year in the menu on the left;
  2. From the list appearing here, select the items you want to order;
  3. Enter your delivery details and pay through iDeal*).
Done! Your books will be delivered to your address in time for your courses, as long as you allow a fortnight before that date. We do NOT charge shipping cost when sending out your books as a set.

Of course you can also pick up your books at our office as soon as your set is complete.

We strongly recommend that you provide a trustworthy delivery address such as your parental home if it is in the Netherlands. For any special delivery or pickup wishes, just get in touch with us by phone or email - details below.

In order to qualify for the student prices listed here, notably on items governed by Dutch book pricing law, you need to truthfully declare that you are enrolled or employed in further or higher education at the time of ordering.

*) You or your parents will need a Dutch bank account in order to pay online through the iDeal settlement service. If this is not the case, send us an email to ask for a proforma invoice.

Welcome to INDEX Books for Students. Parts of this website are in Dutch by default... but you can switch languages at the press of a button:
"As from 2012 our academy works with INDEX bookstore. The service and information are excellent. I am very satisfied." - Marjolein Verweij. Secretary Academy for Digital Entertainment NHTV Internationale Hogeschool Breda.

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