The Little Edges

Moten, Fred

Wesleyan, 2016
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The Little Edges is a collection of poems that extends poet Fred Moten's experiments in what he calls "shaped prose"-a way of arranging prose
in rhythmic blocks, or sometimes shards, in the interest of audio-visual patterning.
Shaped prose is a form that works the "little edges" of lyric and discourse, and radiates out into the space between them. As occasional pieces,
many of the poems in the book are the result of a request or commission to comment upon a work of art, or to memorialize a particular moment
or person. In Moten's poems, the matter and energy of a singular event or person are transformed by their entrance into the social space that they,
in turn, transform. An online reader's companion is available at

bundel door individuele dichter in oorspronkelijke taal
Poetry by individual poets
American English
Twenty-first century
Eenentwintigste eeuw
Debuteerde als dichter 2000-2010
Debut as a poet 2000-2010
Black studies