The Siege (L'assedio). [Lannan Translations Selections]

Bortolani, Ljuba Merlina; De Palchi, Alfredo; Palma, Michael (transl.)

BOA Editions, 2002
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Written when Ms. Bortolani was fifteen years old, The Siege (L'assedio) is driven by a brazen, exuberant voice and a linguistic acrobatics not unlike that of the most celebrated European teen prodigy poet-Arthur Rimbaud. Phantasmagorical and surreal, the poems move us through the chameleon-shadings of lust and love. Ljuba Merlina Bortolani was born in Bologna in November 1980. She is the author of three poetic sequences. She is a student at the University of Bologna. Michael Palma is a world-renown, prize-winning translator of Italian poetry. His terza-rima translation of Dante's Inferno will be published by W.W. Norton in January 2002.

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