What it is: Selected Poems

Jansma, Esther; Jones, Francis R. (transl.)

Bloodaxe Books Ltd, 2008
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Esther Jansma is a leading Dutch poet as well as an influential archaeologist. Interweaving a dazzling variety of strands, her poetry explores time and memory, past and present, death, loss, decay and legacy, and yet draws fresh power from these perennial themes because she writes from two opposite but complementary viewpoints. As an archaeologist she refined a technique for establishing the age of wooden artefacts from growth-rings in the wood which could be applied to timber from The Netherlands. Lending a voice to the past, making time visible in all its aspects, is also what she does in her poetry. The philosophical is earthed in the everyday, the mythic intertwines with the mundane, the word with the world. In her early work, the voices of the past are heard from bewildering years: as a child, the death of a father, then as a mother, the loss of a child. Her later poetry is less personal but more compelling as her poetic universe expands, embracing the whole world.

bloemlezing één dichter
vertaalde poëzie ééntalig (in vertaalde taal)
Poetry by individual poets
Twintigste eeuw
Twentieth century
Eenentwintigste eeuw
Twenty-first century
Debuteerde 1980-1990
Debut 1980-1990
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