A Pond Full of Ink

Schmidt, Annie M G; Posthuma, Sieb

William B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2014
in stockin voorraad Hardback: EUR 14,90 
This delightful collection of poems offers children and the young at heart a refreshing, inventive look at the world from the well-known Dutch author, Annie Schmidt. The rollicking poems tell the stories of intriguing characters including: three elderly otters who long to go boating but find themselves biking instead, animated furniture that comes to life when no one is home, and Aunt Sue and Uncle Steve who nest up in a tree! The poems in A Pond Full of Ink transform ordinary events and places into extraordinary adventures full of imagination, much like the work of Shel Silverstein or Jack Prelutsky. Accompanying the poems is bold and expressive artwork that makes this book too charming to resist.

vertaalde poëzie ééntalig (in vertaalde taal)
Dutch Poetry
Nederlandse canon
Gestorven door euthanasie
Gestorven 19950521
Debuteerde 1950-1960
Constantijn Huygens-prijs
Modern Klassiek
Spin Sebastiaan
Dikkertje Dap
Ik ben lekker stout