Meet Me There: Normal Sex & Home in Three Days. Don't Wash.

Ace, Samuel (Linda Smukler)

Belladonna*, 2019
in stockin voorraad Paperback / softback: EUR 17,10 
Meet Me There is a paired republication of Normal Sex (Firebrand Books, 1994) and Home in three days. Don't wash. (Hard Press, 1996). In the present edition, the texts are accompanied by a new introduction and poem by Samuel Ace, and by a collection of short essays and reflections on Ace and Smukler's poetics. Meet Me There brings together Ace/Smukler's remarkable explorations of the interplay of language, desire, sex, and identity, and repositions this work, 25 years later, in the midst of burgeoning contemporary conversations about gender, sexuality, sociality, language, politics, and poetics. Meet Me There is the third work in Belladonna*'s Germinal Texts Series, which seeks to trace feminist avant-garde histories and the poetic lineages they produce.

bloemlezing één dichter
Linda Smukler
Eenentwintigste eeuw
Twenty-first century
Sound artist
Visual artist
Experimental poetry
Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry
Firecracker Alternative Book Award