Letters to Yesenin. [Copper Canyon Classics]

Harrison, Jim

Copper Canyon Press, 2007
in stockin voorraad Paperback / softback: EUR 11,90 
Jim Harrison's gorgeous, desperate, and harrowing ''correspondence'' with Sergei Yesenin--a Russian poet who committed suicide after writing his final poem in his own blood--is considered an American masterwork.

In the early 1970s, Harrison was living in poverty on a hardscrabble farm, suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies. In response he began to write daily prose-poem letters to Yesenin. Through this one-sided correspondence, Harrison unloads to this unlikely hero, ranting and raving about politics, drinking problems, family concerns, farm life, and a full range of daily occurrences. The rope remains ever present.

Yet sometime through these letters there is a significant shift. Rather than feeling inextricably linked to Yesenin's inevitable path, Harrison becomes furious, arguing about their imagined relationship: ''I'm beginning to doubt whether we ever would have been friends.''

In the end, Harrison listened to his own poems: ''My year-old daughter's red robe hangs from the doorknob shouting Stop.''

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