Compass Rose

Sze, Arthur

Copper Canyon Press, 2014
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A child playing a game, tea leaves resting in a bowl, an abandoned dog, a foot sticking out from a funeral pyre, an Afghan farmer pausing as mortars fire at the enemy: in Arthur Sze's tenth book, the world spins on many points of reference, unfolding with full sensuous detail.

"Compass Rose [is] a collection in which the poet uses capacious intelligence and lyrical power to offer a dazzling picture of our inter-connected world."Pulitzer Prize finalist announcement

[Sze] brings together disparate realms of experienceastronomy, botany, anthropology, Taoismand observes their correspondences with an exuberant attentiveness."The New Yorker

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Twintigste eeuw
Twentieth century
Eenentwintigste eeuw
Twenty-first century
Debuteerde 1970-1980
Debut 1970-1980
American Book Award
Jackson Poetry Prize