Poems and Shorter Writings

Joyce, James; Ellman, Richard; Ellmann, Professor Richard; Litz, A. Walton

London : Faber & Faber, 2001
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This collection brings together all the poems published by James Joyce in his lifetime, most notably "Chamber Music" and "Pomes Penyeach". It also includes a large body of his satiric or humorous occasional verse, much of which is fugitive and little known to the general reader. In addition, the volume provides the text of the surviving prose "Epiphanies, Giacomo Joyce" - the fascinating Trieste notebook that Joyce compiled while finishing "A Portrait of the Artist" and beginning "Ulysses", in which he first explored the world of his autobiographical novel.

bloemlezing één dichter
Poetry by individual poets
Twintigste eeuw
Debuteerde 1900-1910
Gestorven 19410113
Gestorven aan geperforeerde maagzweer